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Our Bone to Art Process

We Believe in Keeping You Informed: With Transparency in How We Source and Produce Our Art Work for You WE RESPECT NATURE Our Ethical Sourcing Practices: Upcycled Masterpieces Where Do We Ethically Source Buffalo Bones From? • India is the second largest exporter of buffalo meat, with USA, UK & Canada being some of its… Continue reading Our Bone to Art Process

The Glistening Illusion Chest

This is a classic piece with the vintage style of Jaali carving all around its hexagonal body. This straightforward yet intricate design requires patience and virtue to achieve the dazzling uniform look. The precisely carved lattice assumes an aura of tranquility around itself and its setting. Designed to store your valuables, it can be repurposed as a home decor piece.

Midnight Guardian

In the depths of the night, the Midnight Guardian silently watches over secrets untold.


She exudes Chique elegance, with a hint of captivating mystery in her every move!

Éternel Charme

Radiating an aura of poise and sophistication, she possesses an unwavering grace that captivates all who cross her path. With an innate sense of confidence and a gentle charm, she embodies timeless elegance and effortless allure.

Florals 3

Hand-Crafted By Artisan in Over 4 Hours Width: 1.5 inches. Lead Time: Ready to ship      


Siren’s Voyage

The sirens were a group of partly human female creatures that lured sailors onto destructive rocks with their singing. Odysseus and his men encountered the sirens on their long journey home from Troy.
The only way to sail by them safely was to make oneself deaf to their enchanting song, so Odysseus packed the men’s ears with wax, while he himself, ever curious, kept his ears open but had himself tied to the mast to keep from flinging himself into the water or steering his ship toward sure destruction in his desire to see them.

What forbidden temptations would you endure to unlock the secrets held by the seductive sirens?

Blissfully Eerie

Where shadows dance upon moonlit nights, our handmade choker necklace emerges as an ethereal masterpiece. Delicate lace, as pure as snow, caresses your neck with otherworldly grace.
With each delicate clasp, you are transported to a realm of gothic dreams, where darkness embraces the purity of white. Embrace the haunting beauty of contrast and immerse yourself in a world of melancholic grace.

Lead Time: Ready to ship