The Sacred Tiger

Even the fiercest of beasts can learn the power of self-control. What will you do with the Sacred Knife?

Exertion: 3000 minutes

The White Dragon

The dragon comes with peace, do you?

Exertion: 2900 minutes

The sacred Tiger (Pure Edition)

Custom Fountain Pen

Good! Now that you’re here, let us know what powers you’d like to wield when you write, and we’ll bring the weapon to life!

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Gleaming Illusion Lamp

Evokes a dreamy mood helping you nurture your spirituality.

The precisely carved lattice assumes an aura of tranquility around itself and its setting.

With Jali carving all around its body, this straightforward yet intricate design requires patience and virtue to achieve the dazzling uniform look.

Designed to be used as a luxurious table lamp, it can be repurposed as a home decor piece.

Exertion: 900 minutes
Carving Style: Miniature Jali (Lattice like structure seen in 16th-century Mughal architecture)
Lamp Height: 9 inches.

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Warriors of Shangri-La

The immortal allies of the ancient warrior set out to recapture the mythical heavenly world called Shangri-La from demons. This duo portrays everything that there is about grandeur, bravery, and comradery. The lamp has a fine sculpture of the lion and the tusker on its four faces with the tusker occupying the dome.

Exertion: 1800 minutes
Carving Style: Tusker & Lion Carving (Detailed)

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