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Shipping and Delivery Policy

Last updated April 13, 2022

This Shipping & Delivery Policy is part of our Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) and should be therefore read alongside our main Terms: http://artrenatus.com/terms-and-conditions/.

Please carefully review our Shipping & Delivery Policy when purchasing our products. This policy will apply to any order you place with us.


We offer various shipping options. In some cases, a third-party supplier maybe managing our inventory and will be responsible for shipping your products.


Our shipping rates are based on both the size and value of the item purchased and the shipping address.

Please enter your region on the checkout page to automatically calculate shipping rates.

We reserve the right to change the above rates without prior intimation.

Minimum and Maximum Delivery Timelines

As mentioned above, we offer various shipping options with varying timelines. For International Shipping, please expect a minimum of 7 days for the package to be delivered, and a maximum of 40 days(Considering the chances of customs clearance taking longer than usual times). Global logistics is yet to gain stability after the pandemic, and hence the above-mentioned information is an estimate provided in good faith. In case there is an unusual delay in the shipment, we shall intimate with an email and provide a revised ETA.

All times and dates given for delivery of the products are given in good faith but are estimates only.

For EU and UK consumers: This does not affect your statutory rights. Unless specifically noted, estimated delivery times reflect the earliest available delivery, and deliveries will be made within 30 days after the day we accept your order. For more information please refer to our Terms.

Once your order is dispatched you will receive an email with a tracking number. While we try our best to help the package reach you as promised, please expect variations in delivery times due to global supply chain disruption.


We offer international shipping to most countries. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to the following countries:

  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan

Free Standard shipping via India International Post (30-40 days) shipping is valid on international orders.

For information about the customs process:

  • Email concierge@artrenatus.com

Please note, we may be subject to various rules and restrictions in relation to some international deliveries and you may be subject to additional taxes and duties over which we have no control. If such cases apply, you are responsible for complying with the laws applicable to the country where you live and will be responsible for any such additional costs or taxes.


Orders are dispatched only on Regular Business Days (Monday to Friday)

Not all orders are eligible for all the mentioned shipping methods

Some items demand additional packaging to keep them from getting damaged. Hence we reserve the right to vary the shipping rates as per variation in shipping rates and packaging requirements.


If delivery is delayed for any reason we will let you know as soon as possible and will advise you of a revised estimated date for delivery.

For EU and UK consumers: This does not affect your statutory rights. For more information please refer to our Terms.

Cancellation and Return Policy

Last updated April 13, 2022

Dear Patron, if you are not entirely satisfied with our services and choose to cancel or return the artwork, we provide the following options.

  • We accept cancellation within the first 48 hours after placing an order, or before the item is dispatched whichever is earlier. We shall refund the full amount after deducting the transaction and processing fees*.
  • In case the product is delivered in a damaged condition, we shall assess the extent of damage and come to an acceptable solution in case you decide to keep the artwork. If you decide to return it, we will replace the piece (barring limited edition pieces) at no extra charge.

*Transaction, processing, and currency conversion rates and charges are subject to the mode of transaction. The time required to initiate and complete the refund process are dependent on the same.


If you have questions about returns, please review our Return Policy: http://artrenatus.com/refund_returns/.


If you have any further questions or comments, you may contact us by:

  • Email: concierge@artrenatus.com