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Experience the Living Embodiment
of Centuries of Cultural Evolution

Regal Opulence: Luxurious Artifacts Crafted to Perfection

Crafted by artisans of Nawabi lineage, we offer an exquisite collection of unique bone carved artifacts.

Dating back to prehistoric times, nomads embellished the remnant bones of animals by carving them to make ornaments to be worn by people of significance. As the art became more refined and distinctive, Nawabs of the 16th-century patronized ivory and bone carving to create extravagant gifts for affluent companions. In today's world, the art of bone carving is a legal and sustainable alternative to ivory carving.


A little about what we do

Renaissance Reinvigorated

Art recalled to life

Nurturing the lineage of 16th-century hand craftsmanship, we bring you the finest and the most delicate collection of bone-carved artifacts. With decades of experience, our artists create fascinating works with utmost precision.

Ethics Above All

Eco-conscious art with timeless traditions

The ancient art of bone carving has been around since the 1800s, we’ve kept this dying tradition alive while being conscious about our environment. We only source bones from local food processing plants which would otherwise end up in landfills, polluting the environment. Instead we turn them into timeless, sustainable art.


Labour Of Love &
Days of Dedication

Most of our pieces take 50+ Man Hours to be crafted. Each curve & groove you see is made using hand tools by our bone carving artisans. Each piece is hand-carved to perfection just like art pieces commissioned by Royals of Awadh, India 4 Centuries Ago.

we thrive on your trust

Feel Safe While You
Purchase from Us

We emphasize ensuring our patrons are happy with our services, right from placing an order until the artwork is delivered and beyond; we are right there with you, just a message away.

Testimonials from our Patrons


I have never in my life, made a more meaningful jewelry purchase, than my purchase from Art Renatus. I found this company when a pair of earrings was posted on an artist's site. I am able to mix my pieces with an elegant dress or layer them casually with other bracelets. I originally thought I would be limited to wearing white jewelry in the summer, but this hasn’t proved to be true. The white blends well with my stacked gold or silver jewelry and has more versatility than a string of pearls. This family is the last hand-carved Water Buffalo jeweler in all of India. They spend days carving intricate designs. Go ahead and order earrings for your friends in one batch, as you will want to anyway!

Klara Sperry, Virginia USA

Big fan of their jewelry! I can attest that they look and feel as delicate and well-crafted in person as they do on screen! Only wish the clasps were smaller and a bit more refined.

Nicole, Singapore

I was in a unique situation where I had a bone carving that got lightly damaged, and I was too afraid to wear it anymore. Finding a bone carver proved to be more difficult than I had initially imagined. Finally, I found this amazing team of 3 carvers to recreate my carving, so I could wear it again without fear. They were very kind, and patient, asking for all sorts of photos to see the detail in the piece I wanted to be recreated. They were surprisingly fast with the carving process, and even took photos of the process it took to make, a special request I had made! They truly cared about their service, remade my piece, and went the extra mile to show how it was made too! I highly recommend them, as they are kind, hardworking artists, who truly care, and have very reasonable pricing for their services! Thank you all very much for fulfilling my unique order and requests!

Evan Stallone, Illinois USA

Exquisite, delicate, and finely detailed, even a first glance at Art Renatus' pieces will speak to the immense patience, skill, and passion required to produce their carved bone creations. Shipping and handling were also professionally handled, and packaging was meticulous to ensure that the products would not receive any damage on the long journey from India. Antiquated electric fixtures inside their pieces can add to the charm of bygone eras that Art Renatus' pieces exude, but can also be frustrating for clients who may not be handy themselves. However, should any problems arise, friendly and responsive customer service will help you to find the best solution to bring out the best in their creations. Overall, would definitely recommend it if you're looking for intricate and unique pieces to furnish your home!

Zhao Rui, Ontario, Canada

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