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Regal Clock

Regal Clock

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A handmade wall clock with extremely delicate floral detailing surrounded by Jaali work.
A true masterpiece, with intricate details that pay homage to 17th-century Asian architecture. Its elegant curves and flowing lines are a testament to the craftsmanship of the artist. The clock’s face features exquisite detailing, with a gleaming floral finish that captures the essence of the era. This magnificent timepiece is not only a functional masterpiece but a work of art that will be cherished for generations to come.

• Hand-Crafted By Artisan in Over 55 Hours
• Crafted Using Bones Ethically Sourced from FSSAI Licensed Plants. Read more.
Size: 10 inches.
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Patron Testimonial

Earth-Conscious Art: Handcrafted Bone Masterpieces

Indulge in the Grandeur

True Rarity & Pure Luxury

Our art pieces are hand-crafted by last known, generationally taught bone carving artisans in Asia. This, combined with the sheer attention to detail required for each creation, limits production to only a few pieces each month.

Sustainable Artwork

Eco-conscious art with timeless traditions

The ancient art of bone carving has been around since the 1800s, we’ve kept this dying tradition alive while being conscious about our environment. We only source bones from local food processing plants which would otherwise end up in landfills, polluting the environment. Instead we turn them into timeless, sustainable art.


Art Renatus is AGAINST the use of ivory or bones from any other endangered or hunted animals. We only use bones which come as a byproduct from FSSAI licensed ethically operated food processing plants.

Labour Of Love &
Days of Dedication

Most of our pieces take 50+ Man Hours to be crafted. Each curve & groove you see is made using hand tools by our bone carving artisans. Each piece is hand-carved to perfection just like art pieces commissioned by Royals of Awadh, India 4 Centuries Ago.

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  1. Exquisite, delicate, and finely detailed, even a first glance at Art Renatus’ pieces will speak to the immense patience, skill, and passion required to produce their carved bone creations. Shipping and handling were also professionally handled, and packaging was meticulous to ensure that the products would not receive any damage on the long journey from India.

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  1. I like to study the architectural styles of different dynasties, and the ‘Jaali’ style of this lamp has its origins in the Maya Civilization as well. The lattice work is truly magnificent to witness in hands! I’m very happy with my purchase. The light installed could’ve been a bit brighter, but as an enthusiast I could do it myself very easily.
    PS: Kudos to the support team, they were very patient with my questions!

  2. Big fan of their jewelry! I can attest that they look and feel as delicate and well-crafted in person as they do on screen! Only wish the clasps were smaller and a bit more refined.

    Image #1 from Nicole, Singapore
    • Thank you, Nicole! Your suggestion is highly valued, and we are grateful for your feedback. We assure you that we will take your input into consideration and make the necessary improvements to our clasps. Your next shopping experience with us is guaranteed to be exceptional!

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We only use Buffalo bones that are discarded from FSSAI Licensed Food processing plants. Bones that would otherwise end up in a landfill, are repurposed to create timeless art! Click here to learn more about the processes.

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